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A website where children and teenagers

can read poems by top poets, pick up hints

for writing poems, comment on poems and

talk about poetry with featured poets.

(Grown-ups welcome too)

Founded in 1953 by T S Eliot
and friends to ‘propagate
the art of poetry' by bringing
the best new poetry to readers
The weird and wonderful website of Sally Crabtree, a poet and friend who occasionally has bright pink hair. Highly recommend a visit.

The website of children's author and poet,

Celia Warren

The website for our great new range of greetings cards, prints, mugs - even a blog about poetry. 
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 14.08.17.png
Terrific website dedicated to children's poetry. Created by the poet Roger Stevens. Lots of poems, information and even interviews.
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Excellent website run by Liz Brownlee

that has loads of information and things to do related to the world of Poetry for young people. Includes an A-Z of poets and their poems from the UK, US and round the world.

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